Monday, March 11, 2013

a new SPRING!

 :) this started out as brown and white, then it was black and white, then i added off white paint, and thennnn.........
 i changed my mind it's these colors...
i still don't know where it's headed for sure...except for hidden in a closet to bring out later, using fresh eyes, ha, and then we'll see...
something new and fresh needed to happen over here on this stagnet blog of since i haven't been painting (except with my afterschool kids) i have been making left over yarn afghans and loving them to the point of not having any more left over yarn. (i do have some beautiful stuff to spin, so better get to that soon)
i've been tearing up old pretty fabrics to use in these as well. i am making them all for gifts. "2" have gone out so far and they are so full of color and delight, they just smile at me it seems. and my hoping that's what it brings to the receiver.
i was going to write a personal note to you Cheryl and Claire...but decided to put it right here. i love you both and thank you for your in put about shingles. your thoughts, cheryl, were just what i was after...HELPING others to decide about the the vaccine.
i shall add here too, that i have now spoken with others that did not have it as severely or that did. so i know it's a dilema for decisions, but pray this has all helped. and now i truly promise not to mention this again :)
Claire and Cheryl you poked up little tears in my eyes at your endearing thoughts. my love to you both! xoxo