Saturday, January 14, 2017


 Most of these little owls are 4" x 7"
Except for 2 that are 4" x 10"

I used FW Inks, pens, own painted collage papers.
They were such fun,
I just kept going
and going till
I ran out of substrates.
I hope you enjoy them as much as
they delighted me to paint them.
I kept finding myself,
and laughing
right out loud!

 I ran out to take this photo one evening, as the sun was already down and not much of it all day long.
It was soooo BEAUTIFUL!

 And finally one day,
the sun peeked out
just as it was time for it to go down.

 The next day it came all the way out and only rained in the morning!
As I was reading, I looked over on the wall, and thought
Man oh man,
it's been a lonnnng time since there was a shadow on that wall.

This was yesterday out one of our windows...
I felt like jumping up and chasing that
sun over the hills.
I didn't want it to go away!

the sun is supposed to peek out and then rain
is predicted for over a month.
I sure hope there are some little in betweens,
when the sun peeks out.

If not, I will have to make some phone calls and see who has the sun shining on their face and