Wednesday, June 29, 2011

thank you for the welcoming words, (home from panama) YAEL, JANE and EMELIE! XOXO

This is a peek of a corner of a painting i am working on right now...changing her drastically and loving was one of those THROWN UNDER THE BED SO I WOULD NOT HAVE TO LOOK AT IT ONE MORE MINUTE deals. she's 16" X 20" X 2", so i won't have to frame her. i am still getting ready for the auburn, august artwalk...i'll divulge her soon I HOPE!

i was desperate at times, to draw and paint, so i pulled out a book i was going to give mike, for his library. we all had a good laugh, everytime someone looked through this book, as it has drawings, paintings and collages inserted. this is nothing new for many i'm sure, and for me it was fun! the pages gave immediate life to some sketches and the collage and paint were accepted readily!

i had to throw this one in for mi amiga miz katie, her tostito jar always seems to have some color of blue paint in it...mine had rum, pineapple and some coconut pieces thrown in, katie...i'll fix one for ANY of you, my friends, ANY day you show up on my doorstep!

A girl and her dad as the sun set beyond Penguino's...yep...the peguin restaurant!

the photo is not altered...sooo pretty...we all looked purple for awhile when we were eating at the restaurant :))

Penguino's Restaurant...while the tide was goes up to that wall and has been completely underwater some years and they just keep rebuilding...

this is also at the very end of the village, Santa Catalina where the road ends at the ocean...GOTTA LOVE THAT!

Erin and Theron (daughter and future son in law)

at Peguino's

Sunday, June 5, 2011


I don't care that summer hasn't shown it's face here this year...

i don't care , i AM wearing flowers in my hair...

i don't care about what to wear...

The air is cool, the rain is soft,

it showers in our garden,

dappled water on our fruit and nut trees, it even sprinkles me!
When the hot sun shows it's face again, i might just take a swim!

Go with the flow i say, just go with the flow...

Rest and Respite are in order now...

just going with the flow!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011


so many faces...

so many changes...

BLOGGER has been down for me, not able to post or look or anything hardly...and now i am down for the count with asthmatic bronchitis, so i'll be taking a break to get good and well!

but i'll be back when i can...

i wish all my lady buddies WONDERFUL ARTING that: paint, fiber, papers, fabric and all the textures you come up with! XOXO