Tuesday, May 1, 2012


from OPEN STUDIO WORKSHOP with misty mawn...Galia Alena from Queensland, put together an exquisite book for misty, in thanks and gratitude from those able to respond. we all painted and collaged something from our class and from within ourselves in awesome gratitude to misty for all that she had and has given us. much deeper than any class taken on line or in person, she had me pulling out all the stops, finding my inner artist and my inner human strengths...she is something else, that misty mawn. you would never regret taking any of HER classes, she gives it her ALL and then MORE!
IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE THE PIECES OF THIS BOOK, it is on face book. misty posted it on all our pages this morning. my page is open to anyone, no blocks, always, on face book.

This post is with deep gratitude to ALL the other artists and followers in my life. All the words, encouragement, affirmations and cheerings. i THANK EACH ONE OF YOU, ALWAYS!