Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tangled Sky and Alice's Time!

Okay, carolyn, if you want to know how i did this, and if you want words, then you'll have to come over and see and i'll tell you.
and you'll get to see beth's work up close and personal, and you won't believe how wondrous her work is!
This one is "ask alice about the time"...the answer is a play on the painting!!!
Enjoy!! the joy of serious humor!!! 8" X 8" X 2" thick

Per, my usual...i did this completely backwards...i wanted to show beth's work before mine!!

Here is what i won from beth at:! you can go in for a closer view on all the photos...along with this, beth surprised me with 2 cards she created as well, including instructions on how to care for encaustic paintings. i told her i could not part with her cards, and am going to make frames for them and make a little grouping on my wall with her work. Her work is incredible, so subtle, with little found nuances as your explore each piece. and they will speak to you...truly the pictures are just pictures compared to her work in reality. i am so GRATEFUL! and on top of it all, there is my favorite...HUMOR!!!

it was difficult to get a photo that would show beth's work as it should be, but because of the my abilities and her encaustics, i couldn't get a good shot...honestly!

a happy accident, i thought was really cool...beth's painting in front of mine...which of course does not do her work justice!!! beth's are the very coolest in person!