Monday, August 9, 2010

Auburn California Art Walk

now here is true bravery...miss "chicken livers", wanda, popped into the lighthouse gallery today with a friend...they are still hanging and finishing up for the artwalk, this thursday...i posted this info without a pic on facebook today while mentioning that there is a wine tasting store right next door to the gallery...i also mentioned i may have to slip over there, if i get too scared...this is ALL new to me and a FIRST...
truly ya' all don't have to wish me luck...i just wish all my supporters could be there with me, couldn't have come to this place without back up, seriously!!
this is a total bow, thanking YOU ALL!
it would be wonderful to make a sale or more, naturally, but i'll tell you the honest truth right has been so wonderful meeting people in the flesh who comment on all the "whys" about my has already filled my artful soul!!! but....
these are not the people that have encouraged me along the way, as my blogging friends have, who i truly feel are FRIENDS (of whom i hope to meet in person some day)!!!

Nana's Love

"The August Break" painting collage hanger