Friday, February 28, 2014

100 FACES...more

 spilled some paint on this little "incher" before getting to
the i added water and loved the color.
this one was so tiny i could barely place the paper collage on
her head, even with tweezers ;)
 extraordinary fun, even though i don't care for her lips!
there is this comfort zone that wants to change and alter,
but kept to the business of LOOSE and DONE
(for now anyway:)
 this little lady took on the look of a moll,
and then she's sporting some of my hand dyed lace
(i have a hard time resisting to NOT clothe these) the background but not her...
this one was so dang teeny i just struggled immensely...
 sharing a little piece of friendship here...
and here ~ in collaboration with my FUN FRIEND,
i'm pretending mine already started before driving off in my
car to work...
in the POURING rain we need desperately during this drought!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


 #14 color
 #14 black and white
this is one of the best projects i've ever done
these 100 Faces
and education I would be able to get no other way than...
 fULL cIRCLE class calling
a side glance at a prepped canvas for LINE DRAWING...
i can't seem to touch it yet, i am savoring it as is for now
this is as tidy as it gets..
and is only a small table/portion of the rest of the studio...
we don't want to see that!
NEXT up...
MOVABLE walls to section off messes!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Wonderful Classes!

 starting here with the 100 Faces/Inch Portraits...
 with Sharon Tomlinson
she has an open forum on Face Book if you are
interested and perusing other artists attempting and
learning, MUCH about ourselves as well as our painting skills...
One Hundred Faces/Face Book
 i found a most wondrous artist/painter woman of late...
Her name, Ahou Sicong 1939-1996
i believe she was a watercolorist and i fell in love with her work.
this is my rendition in acrylics as i looked on to one of her paintings.
Ahou Sicong painted so very simplistic but holds much emotion and depth with such pastel colors and so much of that for the feelings and opinions ;)
i took some liberties here with this little inchie and her work!
 this is a great time to try out some techniques I've been curious about...
dipping a fountain pen into inks...
adding a few acrylics
and then watercolor background that i started out with...
 another little "inch" that i painted just now..
i am learning so much from these tiny paintings...
i shall thank you again Sharon.
i am finding more patience that i could ever believe having...
these are all MOST IMPERFECT and am leaving them just as they are
for my own now/future studies.
this is a FANTASTIC LEARNING trial for me and hope
that it will enhance YOUR own curiosities and skills...
 now this one is in my Full Circle Class...
this is the start of her and the next is the finished product...
 as much as i love COLORFUL, i am loving using just
few colors on some of these in my journal.
i named this, this morning;
 Last up here;
a couple of journal pages...
painted and prepped for more quick, intuitive studies...
yes, i am LEARNING and LOVING it!
Wishing you all a GREAT WEEKEND!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

mISTY mAWN and sHARON tOMLINSON, i am a student of mighty fine TUTORS!

 first 4 inch paintings are 2 more on Sharon's idea...

 they both were painted over paint that was already there and
texture too...I accidently just erased the black and white one of this..
i am so techno-savvy...yeah right.

 up next are from the journals we are doing for misty's class...
 i may just keep posting this way...
 the two projects from each woman are along the very same lines...
 not spending a lot of time, using much spontaneity, and intuition, doing nothing perfect...
 these acts are to teach us to loosen up, and learn a lot from painting this way...
 this particular one brought me right back to when i first started to learn about painting
portraits and mixing them with collage...i bet i can find a dusty canvas with a face that looks darn near identical to this one...that's weird to me...a vell...
here they are side by side in our books!
i am so excited to be learning this much at the same time!
wishing you all, creative moments if not DAYS!

Friday, February 14, 2014


 Sharon Tomlinson is at it again with her sparked ideas...
All Norah's Art Blog...
 her idea; portraits on a size 1 1/4" X 1 1/2" paper, oh my goodness...
 VERY INTERESTING and a great learning she said as a retort back to me, she is learning a lot about her self too!
me: i think my faces all look so much the same and i need to get some other figures in my head...;)
THIS is just one face that i altered to get an even better feel as to all the possibilities this task brings.
 in our wonderful class Full Circle with Misty Mawn...we are making old books into journals...
 we were to prep the pages first, at least 50, i can't believe i did 70, it was so much fun!
and had to laugh at this one...realizing where the idea came from as i lifted my tea cup!
 a prepped page shown here as well...
 an almost finished page, going to do some writing over it
this lesson has been on spontaneity, just letting things flow,
not getting too attached to anything,
not be afraid to cover things up etc...
just loving this exercise...i have done it before but not so many at a time,
which is bringing on TRUE spontaneity, and you find things inside of
you that you didn't know were there, along with many other messages
and skills for staying loose!
yesterday was a sad day and today a less sad day...
i miss my sister extra more these days,
she's only been gone for 8 months and we all know
grieving doesn't ever disappear completely, even though
i wish it would. yet, her presence is known to me over and over,
her whispers, giggles and utter excitement of new journey's.
i know she's watching, i know she's even right there, hot on my heels,
that little sister of mine.

Friday, February 7, 2014


 i've been a busy bee, taking two classes. they are both up for a year, whew.
This finished lesson is from Misty Mawn's FULL CIRCLE CLASS.
 all of the photos are one panel of a 3-sided lantern...
this shows her lit up!
 and this: my words for her...the rest are "for You",
not showing in this particular photo.
 Misty showed us how she made hers to give us an idea on how to proceed...
 making all of our own choices for our personal lanterns...
 i was able to finally light them up last night!
 this is a close-up showing this angels dress...
it is some of my own personal, much loved,
hand-made FABRIC PAPER (a process that takes days, a labor of love)
 a 3rd panel shown in the daylight...
 and lit in the evening...
 and lit some more with a clearer photo ;)
i am going to do this project with my afterschool children,
so i decided to choose wire and beads to put it together,
(they will adore that part for sure)
i LEARN so much from taking Misty's classes,
they are incredible!
i started painting from my heart when first meeting her on line.
she has sent such personal, and beautiful notes, encouraging and lighting fires in my heart.
she is the very one that suggested i start a blog to see what an enrichment it could bring...
and VOILA, yes enrichment, with wonderful on line comrades that i deeply care about and that have supported me for years now...and visa versa...
i would never believe that this all could have ever happened the way it has...
but it's been a difficult yet MAGICAL JOURNEY to revel in
and a passion to carry forever!
THANK YOU miss FINE HUMAN BEING (i say out loud, teary eyed to the world)
MISTY MAWN for sharing your gifts and giving us YOUR ALL!