Friday, May 18, 2012


 These 2 little bird hangers are off to mary hunt's gallery

 the STAGECOACH GALLERY (she's on fb and has a blog)
she will be having a free drawing, in person, the month of June!!
good LUCK to all those that turn out. mary has put together an extremely BEAUTY of eclectic artists of all kinds!

 here's 3 little eggs ready to hatch soon! you can only see 2 because mom and dad HATE me and my camera. and now get this: that green stalk that stands out with the brown twigs are green onions we threw over the bank! i wonder if they enjoyed the aroma before it dried out? :)

 This IS one of my WIP (i have ADHD)...planning on stringing them one on top of the other, as a hanger, possibly with a little branch. They were so delicious to paint...(see just below)

i made these after taking stephanie lee's and judy wise's PLASTER STUDIO class.
they are each painted on both sides of plaster and linen (from one of my favorite lime green dressses, shhh) ANNNND...these are what the little birds are painted on.
if you haven't attempted to paint on plaster???? it is so have to do it to find out just how scrumptious it is, the way it accepts paint/or doesn't...many happy surprises!


it might be a while before my next post...our only daughter erin lea is getting married to theron on may 25!