Friday, January 21, 2011

Thank you Yael, rachel, joanne rose, objekte-aus-ton, buffy diane emelie and jane for your great posts here! xoxo

Moving along in misty's class...working hard as i said, and not visiting everyone right the "life" things going on...i want to remember this on my blog and share as well.

judy wise left a message at the end of her blog lately and i loved it..."Remember as you go about your day that we who create are part of the solution for what ails the planet. We are kind, we share, we encourage and nurture. We are powerful. Pass it on."

we were to sketch one of our body as you can probably tell..i held my hand and arm up in front of my face, with a blouse on and sketched away...a very good learning experience!!
this was a trial of using abosolutely only 3 primary colors. i didn't love the outcome but it was an excellent learning experience...oh, and we could NOT use white...i was almost at a total!
Now this was my very FIRST "still life"