Tuesday, October 30, 2012

ALL on ONE canvas!!!

 i started with this one...the sourdough baguette, love the humor...
 in showing you some textures up as close as possible with my trusty little camera.
the ORANGY BLUE here is a copy of some sewn paper and fabric...loved how it turned out so realistic, yet not...
then some more UP CLOSE and personals...
 i used some modeling paste here, with a stencil

 a few stamps, i used as well, MY SISTER, the flower
 this is how it is now...it will probably not look ANY thing like this when finished
it is 24" X 36" X 2"  no frame needed, gallery wrapped
 on to the texture stamps i made and showed you in the last post.
this is the only thing that i have to show for now...i just HAD to see what they might look like. i am anxious to use them in some real paintings and i WILL be making more!!!!
  this one, wasn't so fabulous, but will do some more exploring with it...the stamp itself could be used in a collage :)) ha, who knows!
 and now ending with some more expensive paint palettes :)
i love the ones i can just toss when finished, but...
i also love the glass (gram's old roaster front)
 and then an extreme fav...the glass front of a picture frame...they are so easy to either scrape clean with a razor blade or sit in water for a bit and voila!

and last but not least for your pure enjoyment of the season...
this is 2 years ago in november at my sister cookies house in
Seal Beach California...one can hear the waves from her house...lucky she is and lucky we are to share in this! talk about a perfect lullaby to make one sleep like a log!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


 miz katie friend, do you like her lollipop flowers?
 do you like her marbles, katie?
 ...or what she states?
 ...i'm betting on the ears! but one never knows when it's you at the wheel!
 one of my expensive paint palettes, a salad container lid :))
 i even made some funky texture stamps today...not good photography though, ha
 i cut out some bubble wrap for some hand made stamps as well... when i get time, i'll show ya' all what their magic can do...hmm, we shall see!
and a real live, truly, stupendous, chilly autumn day...our crepe myrtles are still in bloom as it's been so summer "like" forever!
HAPPY TRAILS FOR ALL as we plug along on our journey's! XOXO