Sunday, October 21, 2012


 miz katie friend, do you like her lollipop flowers?
 do you like her marbles, katie?
 ...or what she states?
 ...i'm betting on the ears! but one never knows when it's you at the wheel!
 one of my expensive paint palettes, a salad container lid :))
 i even made some funky texture stamps today...not good photography though, ha
 i cut out some bubble wrap for some hand made stamps as well... when i get time, i'll show ya' all what their magic can do...hmm, we shall see!
and a real live, truly, stupendous, chilly autumn day...our crepe myrtles are still in bloom as it's been so summer "like" forever!
HAPPY TRAILS FOR ALL as we plug along on our journey's! XOXO