Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Her life's Tapestry

Life's Tapestry
Choosing the way with strong foundations...
the weft, many colors and combinations,
yarns, fabric and even metals.

There were soothing silks entertwined with
nubby noils, sometimes uneven with trials.

With pure thoughts she chose natural cottons,
colored with ideas, she dyed cloth for changes.

She wove intentional holes of opportunity,
randomly spaced, and combined different
materials to pique interest for all!

Colors kept changing with new ideas,
then tangled with indecision.

At times there were angry knots, followed
by loosened silk threads.

Parted from the loom, the tapestry tied and
knotted ornately, she knew her threads of
option remained...she could loosen, re-tie, or
re-dye at any time.

For now the tapestry is complete, with colors,
uniqueness...full of vision, textures...asking
to be handled and imagined, dreamed about...
boosting thoughts for others toward creativity
and change...our own personal options.

by me, Wanda Marie Miller 2010