Friday, April 25, 2014


 as this piece took all it's turns and changes...
while painting and adding tissue pattern and
various ephemera...then stepping back...
Eureka...this just needs a little sail boat sitting on the ledge!!!
My friend Yael from Israel, sent me a box one day...full of "BEACHY" finds.
ergo the seed pod for the bottom of the boat and the rusty wires hanging off the very end of the box.
 photo transfer of a sailboat...i HAD to have a bit of blue in this painting ;)
 this shows the entire piece
the substrate is the end of a wooden box that we had turned into a plant holder
and then the box finally fell apart after all the watering.
but husband said, "i suppose you'd like to save this and paint on it?"
with a big smile on his face, he gingerly took it apart for me and started to take out the nails...
NO NO NO...part of the charm ;)
a close-up; painted burlap, a knitting sweater pattern with directions. tissue paper pattern piece,
paint and i had to add "M" birds of course.
wherever that may be!
it reads;

"make your own day...
make your own way...
set your own sails..."