Saturday, April 29, 2017

DYEING away in a DAZE...

 i realized the other day...

 i have been dyeing numerous materials since my 30's.

 and now
in my late 60's...

 i simply
NEVER get bored with the process...

 Such an unexpected surprise
when they dry,
when you have unwrapped,
your treasures!

 This is one of those acts of creativity that is such
the delight,
the surprise,

 And then...
to be able to use them all in my art work...
cannot be explained!

In between times...
we have been finishing our
addition to our home.
We built our own home over 30 yrs ago,
with the intention of these 3 rooms...
all primed and reinforced for this to happen.
Have we lost our minds?
Why yes we have.
We were too tired when we finished our home back in the day...and now EYE am too tired to finish this...but Richard carries on...ugh.
Such determination this man has.

HAPPY WORKING HOURS TO YOU ALL, whether that be in the paid work force or in retirement days, SERIOUSLY!