Friday, January 15, 2010



p: wandette, wandette, whatever have you done here? Theeese photo'-graphs' are a beet tackeeee, no?

w: oh oui, i am hanging my head when i see theem! my only ex-cuuse ees...i was needing to scurry to work!

p: oui...the towelette for a back ground?? hang-eeeng on the porch?...tsk tsk!

w: oh, pierre, i know i know...i wanted the enquire-ees to see all the beau-tee-ful colors, sparkles and hues in the sun-shine!!!

p: oui...your scarflettes and cloth jewelry ees ex-queeze-et' to the eyes, mon cherie!

w: oh, pierre, you are too kind! ...and there has been a ..."how do you say"...enormouse change-eengs in moi, of late...

p: ah...we have no-teesed'...since turning an new age, you have abandoned...well...let us say sometheeng about a stick and your "tooshee"...?

w: (aghast) pierre, pierre...there is no need to be vul-gar' blogette is rated "G", oui?!!

p: par-don-me'...a mere sleep of the tongue...put it this way...we have noteesed you are less priveet' latlee', no?

w: Oui! life is too short weeth-out fun and games and lighthearted-ness'...i am off weeth mon amie's, joanne ( and miz kateee ( to sell our paint-eengs on theee' street cor-ner' weeth our hair in thee' wildness, laugh-ter' in thee air and amore' een our hearts. ciao babee!

p: ah, mon amie, ciao and amore'!!!