Monday, May 24, 2010

FABRIC PAPER / Labor of Love!

Grateful to insert and edit here for you enthusiasts! it!!!
Yes, emelie, you can use napkins, go for it. I will add here that i have used bits of yarn, fabric, metal and carolyn's (sister) idea, cheese cloth (esp. the open weave kind).
All of these take on the paint hue unifying the piece. i have used colored and printed tissues as well...all are wonderful, depending on what you are after! and when you use muslin as your substrate you can rip and tear the final piece just about any way you desire!
when finished, they truly are their own little works of art...though the beauty can be manipulation as desired...YES...this technique of beryl's, lends itself to a GREAT deal of EXPERIMENTATION!
Pat, it must have been so delightful with beryl, showing her creativity and techniques with ya'all!
Here's to many "Happy Accidents"!!! xoxo
Making a batch of "fabric paper" (beryl taylor, mixed media explorations)
and i wrote up an explanation for and posted directions on a recent blog comment to her...(lengthy process)...
but worth it's weight in gold for having a stash of just the right oomph you might need in a piece you are working can rip some of them or cut the pieces...i am so in love with what this produces for accents etc. so am sharing the best i can. and i will gladly help answer any questions.
here is one sample of how different the fabrics are...

the sizes are about 8x8 inches or 9x10 inches.

i do A LOT of them in one afternoon as there are so many steps and want to make it worthwhile!

ripped pictures layed out...ready for the glue, paint and tissue paper layers..

the fabric squares are every content you can imagine...beryl taylor suggests,

muslin and felt (have use both and love em' all)...these different fabric samples lend themselves for wonderful surprises in using them within collage paintings and pieces...

sometimes the size of pea and other times, larger than your hand.

torn strips of tissue paper, fabric patterns and some handmade papers...

glue mixture, you can't do with out...ooey, gooey, messy!the painting part: i used lumiere metallic acrylics, pearl ex and watered down acrylic paint, and jacquard fabric paints...i make little cups of various washes to apply on top of glue, strips and pictures...i even use copied photos off my ink jet...they run a bit but are only enamored by this!
be sure to ENLARGE these photos, you will have a better idea of how they might look in person.
i iron them when they are completely dry.