Thursday, July 29, 2010

In the mountains of Santa Fe, Panama

"Town Crier"
did you know some chickens get dressed in the morning?...donning a hat? do i dare come out and show the other ladies my new hat? first i thought there was a monkey or a bear cub in a tree, ready to pounce...
nope...these termite hives can be seen just about anywhere in panama...AMAZING!
a closer view

we found frog eggs in abundance near the earth's floor!

i had never ever seen bananas growing on a tree, so beautiful!!
it's still growing!

leaf cutter ants...the only time i ever saw these, on the history channel...
AMAZING CRITTERS! be sure to enlarge, this was a line of them in the middle of the road! they looked like they were carrying umbrellas for that hot panamanian sun!

see the little girl on the far left in the green shirt?
mike, my brother in law, delivered her in the seat of his pickup truck,
six years ago...he was the only one in the village at the time with transportation to a hospital...obviously they never got that far...she's beautiful, eh?!!!