Thursday, January 2, 2014


 I started a painting/poetry/writing journal for the new year.
I finally had such a better understanding as to why these art journals...
 can be invaluable to one! or more ;)
 playing is my all time favorite way to loosen up and then...
 it is ASTOUNDING as to how much we learn from poking around in techniques we already know, or new ones and PLAY with all of it!
 this one was a layer of paints, then did a fake print from a square plastic cd cover using some CHEAP acrylic then writing over it when dry.
 this one is with a few paint layers, using brush and fingers, washi tape, and charcoal circles, and computer generated ledger piece ...
 just played like crazy between layers, then writing over it when dry
 same as above
 PLAY, the operative word

 serious play with fingers...looks kind of planetary...
 simply washi tape that I will paint over...
 and collage over
 one of my favorite uses in many paintings of mine;
when I blot paint off of other main pieces I am creating I save many of these for future collage, they are magazine slices ;) so they have a sheen/matte/surreal depth to them!
 and to repurpose more of my personal art I have copied pieces randomly sewn together, mainly paper and often fabric with a pink copy of a building side in Panama stuck on as well...
and then I painted something real serious...on one of the plain white pages.
all the pages are just sewn together on my sewing machine and the paper is cardstock...lots more LESSONS and LEARNING for me as well as sharing!
and I love visiting you and thank you for your visits, immensely! xo