Friday, February 28, 2014

100 FACES...more

 spilled some paint on this little "incher" before getting to
the i added water and loved the color.
this one was so tiny i could barely place the paper collage on
her head, even with tweezers ;)
 extraordinary fun, even though i don't care for her lips!
there is this comfort zone that wants to change and alter,
but kept to the business of LOOSE and DONE
(for now anyway:)
 this little lady took on the look of a moll,
and then she's sporting some of my hand dyed lace
(i have a hard time resisting to NOT clothe these) the background but not her...
this one was so dang teeny i just struggled immensely...
 sharing a little piece of friendship here...
and here ~ in collaboration with my FUN FRIEND,
i'm pretending mine already started before driving off in my
car to work...
in the POURING rain we need desperately during this drought!