Tuesday, December 28, 2010


You can enlarge this twice!!
Hey...back on track...what happened to NEW LIFE comment?
read, really really really read about what comment to leave...it's not imperative, but it sure started out special, soo....leavin' it up to YOU's!! :0)
This hangs 4 1/2" X 7 1/2"
This has a lot of personal handwork in it, so yep, there is love too! the piece of silk i dyed. embroidered a flower and fabric. the photo (on postcard paper, so it won't get ruined as a photo paper would) is from my painting, "she brings flowers".
Just leave a comment if you are interested, about:
NEW LIFE...it can be serious, or not. it could be anthing from a new puppy to a new fingernail that grew out after being smashed...the sky is the limit...we'll pick a name from a hat on January 2, 2011! Good luck!!
This is a huge HEARTFELT thank you for so much support, fun filled delightful comments, serious "stuff" and all the in betweens you have given me!

Sunday, December 26, 2010


...so, i really didn't feel like doing a lot today...but just had to do a LITTLE painting...sooo...
i thought...i'll just play, use colors softly...stay loose and just simply, dooo... ...then i fixed her eyebrow and eyes and she is going to sit like this, possibly forever...it was PURE FUN, and i plan to do it MORE in the new year!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

CHRISTMAS CHEER ... A Food Network???

he was waiting on the stairs when i came down this morning... he moved even closer to me...looking a bit impatient...
so i followed him...noticing there was a nest with eggs in his backpack, as we made our way into the kitchen...

...aaah, he must have been hungry...well, so was i...hungry to make homemade bread and rolls...so i got to it!!

yeast mix

turned out on a board to knead...

YEAH...that's right i NEED this...

ahhh...here's one loaf, ready for the oven

...but i'm getting really hungry for lunch by now...how 'bout some green apples and chicken???

the loaf is out of the oven...along with my lunch...crunch...well actually it was soft and dreamy!

well now...i best be making some cinnamon rolls for richard...then when he gets home, i'll get lots more kisses...heh heh heh...
okay so, green apples and walnuts cut up, butter, brown sugar and cinnamon...

ohhhh...just wait till he walks in that door...he'll smell 'em a mile away!!!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sacred History

This is for a very special friend of mine...i can post it here to share as she doesn't have a blog, she isn't on face book and she doesn't even own a cell phone...her name his janet and yes, she's from this planet...only she doesn't care about all that stuff...amazing in many ways!

The substrate is a thin rusted ceiling tile: a picture of my painting on postcard, a torn piece of paper out of a bible, a twig, tatted and crocheted thread by my "nana" once again, some random flower stiches with the machine and various other little wonders!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Angels on Board!!!

just a few more angel hangers...i can't stop myself...OH HOLY NIGHT!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Those Teachable Moments

just one little post today...we finally got this one framed. and how appropriate for this time of year...just lucky i guess. i asked richard to make a frame that we could just squeeze the canvas into. it wasn't a super simple task for him, but he did it and said, "lets not make these anymore, okay"? it is made from an old maple table. he stained it, shellaced it lightly, then we applied the same yellow ink on top. it's raining again today, ergo, not the greatest picture, but i bet you get the idea. Happy Thursday Everyone! xoxo