Thursday, December 2, 2010

Those Teachable Moments

just one little post today...we finally got this one framed. and how appropriate for this time of year...just lucky i guess. i asked richard to make a frame that we could just squeeze the canvas into. it wasn't a super simple task for him, but he did it and said, "lets not make these anymore, okay"? it is made from an old maple table. he stained it, shellaced it lightly, then we applied the same yellow ink on top. it's raining again today, ergo, not the greatest picture, but i bet you get the idea. Happy Thursday Everyone! xoxo


  1. ... just keeps getting better and better... swooning (again)


  2. wanda!
    your work
    is carried
    to us
    loooooooove!!!!! xoxox

  3. Wanda you (and Richard) have out DONE yourself again!! It's gorgeous!

  4. Ooooh!! Oooh!!! It's beautiful, Wanda. It's perfect for the season, you're right. Love it!

    I know these aren't as nice as Rich's, but since it appears you've lost him as your framer..


    There are others on blick, too. Just gotta look around some.

  5. It turned out beautifully!

    We have a sad time here, the Carmel mountain is burning since yesterday, people, property and nature got hurt very badly - and it still is not over!
    Oh, if we only had some of your rain!

  6. Beautiful artwork...and the perfect frame!

  7. Beautiful angels Wanda!! Love this!

  8. I love the painting and the frame looks terrific!!

  9. Wanda your art is always very inspiring, and your latest piece is really beautiful, very magical, I love it! Thanks for your latest comments, all is well this way,all the best to you and yours for Christmas if I'm not in touch again, enjoy!! xx

  10. oh, GREAT! i hope you do do it again! :)

  11. beautiful.... i keep finding new blogs today that i love. your work is so serene. glad i found you here, and i'll check back soon.

  12. wanda! wanted to email you but didn't know how to say thank u for what you put on my blog-- that is exactly how i feel about driving right now- very scared someone is going to plow into me and i find myself checking the review mirror constantly. anyway, i'm sure, like you said, that feeling will dissapate over time. thank u for leaving me the message!!!

  13. Hi dear Wanda, have been thinking of you, you know fleeting thoughts about wondering what your doing with your artwork. then I see this painting that is so beautiful in it's totally clear vagueness, so perfect in it's message and done in such a way that it sems as if the brush wisked across the surface and nary a mistroke. Ok this sounds hiokey and even sort of over medicated, but it is truth I felt that when I saw the work. I am not over medicated at all this morning.

    You have been so busy and done such a lot of beautiful work since I have been gone. Your sort of going in many directions with a lot of success. To me this is not surprising, when I am in total wellness, this is the time of year I can create with more ease than usual.

    Thank you for well wishes, they help put me in the mend mood.

  14. So beautiful! The subject, colors and the frame. Love it.

  15. How did I fail to see this one???
    Magnificent!!!! Ethereal!!!!! So very you!!!!!! xo