Saturday, June 2, 2018

OH, THE COLORS on the first days of June, 2018...

 Magazine pages stacked
up to show you...
These are some of the ones 
I used yesterday to 
daub paint
off of other paintings.

 While getting organized
for a new showing
in July...
I ran across this one painting that I really
never liked.
I painted over it and am so excited as to how it appears now!

 This is a close up of the one above.
Trying to show you the wonderful textures
that appeared.
the colors peeking through now!

 Here is the next one I painted over
and am in love with the colors!

 There are 3 altogether,
over paintings.
These have left me open for 

Using more of my left over paint.
Smooshing and putting them on top of one another.
Such fun!

 Then I found an huge 
charcoal paper.
And went to town on it while I had to take a phone call.

It's not like i'll ever run out of collaging
papers, EVAH!
But now I have new fresh ones and will probably weed out some oldies.
This is a constant

We just never know what tomorrow will bring.
And I will try to remember to show you 
the transformations...