Wednesday, July 2, 2014

"Message in a Bottle"...

 i started with spray paint for the bottom layer,
my favorite way to start.
there is probably one teensy portion of that left peeking through
 up close...butterfly wing
 sideways shot up close
 more up close...
this quote applies to so many of we women!
 dragonfly wings with script
 the colors above this photo are the very truest..
materials: fabric, tissue paper, finger painting,
palette knife painting, sponge brushes and regular ones ;)
computer generated script
24" X 36" X 1 1/2" Deep
 for a solid year, i had been working on my nephew's guitar...
 this was a daunting task for me, honestly...
it took such great patience drying and painting all sides...
 i will never attempt this again...
 there are little squares like this all over the front
(this is very up close)
 close up of the little skunk...
the back is by far my favorite, and joey's too...
and he said he loves it, i have to believe him...
this just about sent me over the edge at times.
Man, it is summer time...I've barely been here obviously and it will probably be another while till i return!
i hope you of you, my dear friends are enjoying your times together, when life seems so much freer and sunny smiles
(except for the friends in other parts of the country where it is not summer)
i wish you sunny smiles and time with friends and family as well!