Wednesday, May 30, 2012


 i am itching to paint some faces...
17" X 32"-framed canvas

AND THE END COULD BE NEAR OR FAR...I HOPE to find out sooner-est...but we'll see
12" X 36" X 2" wrapped, not needing a frame :)

 these next two are the same starts, with different lighting, ho hum...

 i am digging the colors, but they may be completely different in the end ;)
17" X 31" frame will be encorporated with canvas

 another CUPBOARD DOOR...lending itself to just be painted and layered and layered and layered and LOVING it, over and over, sheesh!
14" X37"

 16" X 16" X 2"
i had to throw a square in the pot...i always have a hard time with decisions for a square here'sssss hoping...

 i've been too busy to paint, with company and our girl's wedding...
here she is before her gown was donned...LOVE this erin lea!

end of the dance with her dad! the start of a new delightful family! WHEW!

AND next up, i will get some time soon to visit all of YOU!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wanda's Whimsical Work ;)

 More than a year ago, i submitted these to somerset magazine. i was so thrilled to have come up with this idea,
 for many reasons....
 i LOVE telling stories, REAL ONES, verbally, not just my own, but also about those that have been in my life. i started to put the header up as "story people", but there is already a great guy, brian out there who has been using that title for his WONDERFUL work, since forever :)

we'll call them anything, these stories of mine...i adore making them, especially on cardboard (lots of reasons)'s a good way to try out ideas and to GROW ideas for new paintings. these little SPECIALTIES are very affordable and i have been told, that some are "tender, touching and just right" for a gift. i LOVE that! those of you out there creating know just what i'm talking about! ;)

and man oh man, i'm in some mighty good company in the issue, making it quite special this time...Diane, Francesca and Jenny...i even took a class from christy tomlinson. oh my goodness.
and last but certainly not least...MISTY MAWN...there she is with her words...promoting her student's and their work, not hers. speaking to our hearts as she teaches us to art with our hearts and souls, truly making a difference in the approaches we might take or NOT take.
i am truly grateful to be recognized publically, knowing that there are millions out there that are prompted for a chance as well. i am just one regular joe, wanting to inspire and light a fire under anyone, including myself, tee hee!

Thank you to all my TEACHERS, online and in person...i get to learn even more!


Friday, May 18, 2012


 These 2 little bird hangers are off to mary hunt's gallery

 the STAGECOACH GALLERY (she's on fb and has a blog)
she will be having a free drawing, in person, the month of June!!
good LUCK to all those that turn out. mary has put together an extremely BEAUTY of eclectic artists of all kinds!

 here's 3 little eggs ready to hatch soon! you can only see 2 because mom and dad HATE me and my camera. and now get this: that green stalk that stands out with the brown twigs are green onions we threw over the bank! i wonder if they enjoyed the aroma before it dried out? :)

 This IS one of my WIP (i have ADHD)...planning on stringing them one on top of the other, as a hanger, possibly with a little branch. They were so delicious to paint...(see just below)

i made these after taking stephanie lee's and judy wise's PLASTER STUDIO class.
they are each painted on both sides of plaster and linen (from one of my favorite lime green dressses, shhh) ANNNND...these are what the little birds are painted on.
if you haven't attempted to paint on plaster???? it is so have to do it to find out just how scrumptious it is, the way it accepts paint/or doesn't...many happy surprises!


it might be a while before my next post...our only daughter erin lea is getting married to theron on may 25!


Sunday, May 6, 2012

i've only just BEGUN!!!

 MONOTYPE PRINT to start, then this was a ghost from that, then watercolors..

 ditto with this one, same as the first post...

 fun mono's with 3 colors

 and more MONOTYPE PRINTS, squished...these were all over the studio floor drying, from yesterday and today!  a SEA OF COLOR...good for DREAMS!

 carving around the circles from above, so fun!

{did these 3 backward}
 this is  the very last step (or maybe not)
 in between layers...

the first of about 3 layers

this has been a blast, taking alisa burke's abstract class. in looking at just a few i've shown us here, you'd never believe how much i have learned...for instance, i thought i'd just about layered my brains out...well not by a long shot after doing many of these.
and then one starts to see things differently, wonderfully, abstract-ally, even supposedly correctly! our last class is tomorrow :(
and i can't wait to put a lot of this together!
THANK YOU ALISA for a freedom fest and eye opener!


Saturday, May 5, 2012

THE busy bee MONTH of MAY!

 Practice in my journal...challenge; pencil and one watercoler and just be free...

 i needed some creative tags to put on my 'FOR SALE bags...j.jill always pins these little envelopes

on their garments with an extra button inside...they are so cute...

 i took each one and added some collage text, painted and inked 'em up! and voila? some yarn and they are ready to hang on the purses...very fun indeed!

 i constantly need little button push pins that i sell along with the cardboard paintings, so i went to town one morning painting THEM up! theraputic fun i'd say...
 almost ready for their paintings :))

 we have a little girl, chloe in my afterschool care. i've shown some of her paintings here lately. this little first grader is so creative and imaginative, i can't wait to see what she'll come up with, each and every day.
so here's a little story:
one night, while locking up, i glanced out on the field and saw so many uniform sweatshirts, i ran out and started gathering them.
then, under the monkey bars i noticed a paper plate half buried in the bark, "what the heck is this" i said right out loud to myself...lifted it up and started chuckling!
i looked inside for the tag and a name...yep...CHLOE. oh chloe, what must have gone on out here and wanda didn't even see.

and for all our enjoyment and pleasure...i am forever drying flower boquets and couldn't believe how gorgeous these daffodils dried...continuing SPRING!!


Tuesday, May 1, 2012


from OPEN STUDIO WORKSHOP with misty mawn...Galia Alena from Queensland, put together an exquisite book for misty, in thanks and gratitude from those able to respond. we all painted and collaged something from our class and from within ourselves in awesome gratitude to misty for all that she had and has given us. much deeper than any class taken on line or in person, she had me pulling out all the stops, finding my inner artist and my inner human strengths...she is something else, that misty mawn. you would never regret taking any of HER classes, she gives it her ALL and then MORE!
IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE THE PIECES OF THIS BOOK, it is on face book. misty posted it on all our pages this morning. my page is open to anyone, no blocks, always, on face book.

This post is with deep gratitude to ALL the other artists and followers in my life. All the words, encouragement, affirmations and cheerings. i THANK EACH ONE OF YOU, ALWAYS!