Monday, September 29, 2014

Finishes and Random Tricks with my trusty paint BRUSHES ;)

 Finished and Framed ;)
 how she reads...
 I remain in GREY LAND still...
I painted a lampshade to change it ;)
nothing is sacred around here, from my gray paint brush these days...
 8" x 24" x 2"
one of my favorite sizes other than
going LARGER which I love too!
there are mucho layers, with tissue paper and fabric
pattern tissue paper peeking through within the buds!
 I am going to add some words...
 that go something like this...
 "you planted ________ in my heart...
and it's growing WILD!"
CAN'T quite decide on that word to all
suggestions to everyone, anyone ;))
I have been at some of my oldies and sanding them down to
flat and smooth...I thought this one was hilarious,
my husband said I should just sell it like this,
oh no I am not!

Fall shall come here some day...