Friday, October 29, 2010


Well, this painting WAS a work in progress, (as i search for their words) but as i was posting the pictures and poses, i was thinking of how blessed we women are to have one another. i treasure my relationships and profoundness of my women friends, here and in the flesh. how lucky we are to be able to let our emotions out and be understood by so many we help one another to figure out the hard and important we can just 'GET' one another without words loving and loved we can lucky we are! (i always have to NOT leave out feelings and truth that goes along with this)..i am grateful to also have a husband that HEARS me as my women friends do! :)
sooo...i came up with just one word to add at the top of the painting...
I LOVE that evokes such a special meaning to me as i hope it will for others!!!

thinking about where to shop for their clothes...hmmm...or should they make their own?

THEY finally put their clothes on!...and they are searching for their story or words, still...