Sunday, February 16, 2020


 Well, it finally happened! I figured out how to retrieve as well as post my photos.
Talk about a happy camper, it makes my world go round.

 These are some painted and collaged papers on old book pages.
So very fun.
The will be used to skew and frame. Or rip up and place gingerly in other art works.

The co-op gallery i work in has accepted my new work with birds.
This particular one, is my very latest.
i experimented acrylics, FW Inks, and Posca pens.
i hope you are as delighted as i am in the outcome!
i love how the 'see through ink' lends a 
new flavor to my work.

Thank you for continuing to watch for a come back or refresher course.
My stats showed many of you!!!