Saturday, September 8, 2012


 in the drs. office waiting room, i found myself painting in my journal, thanks to ALISA BURKE turning me on to portable watercolor brushes, heh heh heh!
 ...and yet, another happy mistake. i am going to leave this funny little guy, just the way he is on my WIP! he leaves me chuckling every time i glance over, will i finish this piece :)
 winter time will be rollin' around here, sooner or later, and then THIS is the first dyed wool i am going to spin up!!! woo hoo, it's going to be colorful. and i see that fall and winter are going to be full of colors in the FASHION WORLD, so hoping this will be a fun and cheery scarflette!!!
in my summer journal...
we now own some property in SANTA CATALINA, PANAMA. we are beginning to build our new home away from home.
so, here is the first coconut we planted this summer!!! we are so excited!
it's been hectic around here, but good. no time to visit you and your marvelous blogs...but soon i know there will be more time.