Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Photoshop enhanced ONce
The real piece
i printed part of my painting of a face and flower onto cotton and then learned in DJ PETTIT'S workshop how to paint the cotton.
then added fibers and fabric, words...
a CLOSE UP of the words...i have used these words before in more than one painting...they are POWERFUL and hold much MEANING for me :)
i was given birthday money in july and put it toward PHOTOSHOP...something i have desired to attempt so many times. with Joanne Rose's encouragement, i just "went for it" and will never be sorry.
i want to learn how to enhance and come up with creative ways to tweak my artwork and this will be one avenue, i'm sure of many...one thing leads to another...GRATEFULLY, THANKFULLY...to alllll my teachers, those giving persons, including the ones we don't pay...they just INSPIRE our DESIRES and spark our IMAGINations to no end!
another GRATEFUL day!
i am wishing you creative paths, sparked ideas, ANY POSITIVE CREATIONS, today and EVERYday!