Friday, May 26, 2017


 This is a section of a piece I am working on...
I took some photos of a dried flower I had gelled up to preserve.
Then transferred it onto the dyed papers,
then painted them to bring our their attributes.

 Here's another one I've been working on.
Lot's of work going in to these.
Some very fun items as well;
torn photo of a tree, some hand dyed papers,
an old painted paper of mine, ribbon, sewing, writing and more.
Still a work in progress...but getting closer.

 Another "almost done" project..
I like how it looks here...but it's a bit too dark in person.
So I have some figuring out to do.
Some of the materials are; scrap of wallpaper,
own writing on torn pages, and some torn painted papers.
I also experimented a lot with certain colors I love and am
learning and learning...

 A little snippet 6" x 6" from a 34" x 36" canvas...
a wip as well...

Another work in progress...just can't decide where to take this...maybe by next year...