Thursday, October 29, 2009


life can change in a heart beat. i'm leaving in 2 min. to go to the airport with a sister. our mom is going to have emergency open heart surgery, if she makes it that far. xo wanda

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Michele Wards/the dark side

just before i went down with the flu, i started this little painting and thought how fun it was to play in black, something i rarely attempt. i loved it and thought, i know i'll do more. thanks, michele.
after painting on black acrylic i sprayed it down with water...ergo...when you look up close the texture in the paper showed up real nicely...gave her a blouse and poofy shoulders, spray paint w/ stencils and paper at the top. she's kinda special with the right colors for the season!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Purely Sweet

This looks like something you might find stuck to the bottom of your shoe...
well, isn't...
this is the back of mystele's finished piece...
it's off in the mail this monday....just a little teaser...i want mystele to have the best surprise!

Friday, October 16, 2009


Does this happen to you? ...this was one of my very first paintings of women and girls...starting in jan. when following misty's mawn's prompts...she is so imperfect, but i fell in love with her then and am still enamored with her. go figure...
i printed her out on a postcard for this, and well, i still love her?!
it was one of those paintings that seemed to just come out easy, go down easy and then asked...wait...where was i, what just happened and LOOK what happened. i know this has happened to you...................? Annnnd. if anyone is watching and wants to leave a note that really does like her as i do...i will finish her up as a hanging. leave me a note about your own personal "wonderings" and i'll pick a name (if there are any) to send to you.....? xo wanda
thanks mystele, you're such a doll!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Michele Ward "34 Crusade/"Come over to the dark side"/Very Fun!

...ooh, had i known...could have shown beginning to end.
ah well..tribute and thanks to djpettit on this one.
here's a rundown on the pieces used:
~center photo copy of own painting on white printable postcard
~torn, old 1900's bible cover at the bottom of piece
~various fabric, scraps and beads