Sunday, October 11, 2009

Michele Ward "34 Crusade/"Come over to the dark side"/Very Fun!

...ooh, had i known...could have shown beginning to end.
ah well..tribute and thanks to djpettit on this one.
here's a rundown on the pieces used:
~center photo copy of own painting on white printable postcard
~torn, old 1900's bible cover at the bottom of piece
~various fabric, scraps and beads


  1. Hi Wanda . . . .
    Dude! We are so - "on the same page' - maybe we are BFF's from a former life--HAHa

    Of course I love your entry! I'm so glad you're back!


  2. julie, accidently left 2 messages for you, hope you get them. i didn't know how to register with you. thanks, wanda

  3. hey! i didn't see this one until now - did i miss it earlier? this is terrific! so many layers of cool things. love that little bit of red with all the black and white too. you do well on the *dark side* :)

  4. NICE! Did you sew the edges? I love that you copied your work to use it without destroying the origional!

  5. Fabulous! Love coming away from paper and into fabric. LOVE THIS!

  6. Great texture, ghostly favorite combo!! very lovely. xoSusan