Friday, October 16, 2009


Does this happen to you? ...this was one of my very first paintings of women and girls...starting in jan. when following misty's mawn's prompts...she is so imperfect, but i fell in love with her then and am still enamored with her. go figure...
i printed her out on a postcard for this, and well, i still love her?!
it was one of those paintings that seemed to just come out easy, go down easy and then asked...wait...where was i, what just happened and LOOK what happened. i know this has happened to you...................? Annnnd. if anyone is watching and wants to leave a note that really does like her as i do...i will finish her up as a hanging. leave me a note about your own personal "wonderings" and i'll pick a name (if there are any) to send to you.....? xo wanda
thanks mystele, you're such a doll!


  1. i'm looking, and she is perfectly beautiful!!!

  2. She is beautiful! I tend to have a piece sit for a long time, work on it, not really knowing where it is going, letting it sit again..then going back to, sometimes wondering how in the heck I ended up with the final result! Have a piece waiting right now actually! Thank you for your sweet compliment on my blog too!

  3. i missed your original post cuz i was busy visiting the ER. oh, the joy. i'm on the mend though, i think. long story..i'll shoot you an email sometime.

  4. You are so talented!!!!
    Love and lifht