Tuesday, April 23, 2013

TEACHERS that light that fire under us!

 There are so many wonderful, INSPIRATIONAL teachers available to all of us these days. and i continually am so grateful, from the bottom of my bloomin' heart for their inspirations and good teachings...
i bought the book PLASTER STUDIO by Judy Wise and Stephanie Lee. and i took their class, involving excerpts from the book.
i adore working with plaster and painting on it is a JOY, like no other.
i made four small burlap plaster substrates to experiment with, and this one has a flip side i didn't like.
THIS side shows even more cracks and crevices of which i embraced!
 i love painting so many different subjects, but portraits remain my favorite and this imperfect plaster piece was the BOMB for me...
 i took some "close-ups" for ya' all, so you can get an idea of just how crackley and lovely this is!
 and this is to show, just one of the many stages in change...i photographed and looked at this on my computer and saw, that i needed to change the darkness around this eye, VOILE...the camera doesn't lie!
 i did fix that eye problem...but during this entire process, i kept in mind, not to over work the paint, as i didn't want to lose that cracked and imperfect effect...
she is almost done...i am going to make some teeny changes on her lips and some teenier subtle colors in the eyes, they are too perfectly blue for me...but all in all, i hope this is inspirational to anyone, letting go, and experimenting. over and over! THIS was pure joy to paint on (with an eensy bit of frustration here and there ;)!!!

P.S. you may find a recent previous post that i painted poppies (possibly, that's what someone else named them) showing how the smooth side of this technique transforms. it was also a pure DELIGHT to paint on!