Wednesday, February 29, 2012


 Miz Katie's painting and Wanda's fibers...our collaboration is lost in the mail...or could still turn was just the start of something good...but we aren't giving up...stay tuned!
 i promised drucilla that i would post her handspun yarn and pretty cotton thrown in when i was finished! she was so prompt in getting it to me, SO forgive me for my lateness, drucilla, it's finally here on my page for you! XO
here it is on the umbrella swift, drucilla...i was dancing all around until i could get it up and knitted!!!
 even if you don't spin, weave or knit...her site on etsy and her blog are WONDERFUL to peruse, you won't be sorry if you just take a gander!
 as you can see in the previous photo, the yarn/wool part of this gorgeous neckwear is from drucilla's,, Agathe...too ewey cute i say!!!
 as most of you know, i used to keep sheep and i miss this part...but there are still those out there, like DRUCILLA that keep this art alive!
 these photo's just can't do justice to the beauty of DRUCILLA'S handspun lusciousness...but i shall be sporting it on my coat to work today, it's freezing here and shall land on my exposed ears, mainly.
 it's been a dry, spring-like winter here in nor cal this year...until saturday night. we forgot and left  a rainbird on and had our own little winter wonderland-scape in the morning :))
i hope this wednesday is finding you all healthy, dry and warm!

Friday, February 24, 2012

WANDA'S WHIMSIES and a secret...

 WIP...and i'm pretty sure the words to be placed on here are going to be...
(cardboard art)
 WIP..."the birds are really quite large around here, and beautiful"
(heavy watercolor paper, it will be one of my little hanger on beads and wire)
 one of a VERY FUN free strathmore class from tracy bautista!
 i added molding paste to her ideas and loved it!
(not much phthalo blue in these :), but lots of BASIC'S light blue :0)
 WIP...i am real excited about this one (this is just a portion of it)
i will divulge that i place bigger pieces on the floor easel, next to our bed (yes, we've both been startled a few times) so that when i first open my eyes in the morning, i get a fresh perspective of my painting...what it needs, what it's all about, how to proceed...
...and last but not least...this is a PART of a finished piece that is a total secret right now. i promise to divulge later in the year.
no it's not going to be published in a magazine, and it's not even about me...but it's a work that i am so proud to be a part of...:))
(acrylics, modeling paste, re-inks and sealed with dorland's wax)


Friday, February 17, 2012


 has this happened to you...100 works in progress...well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration :))
 as some of you know i was intuitively painting (and in love with it) and then misty showed up, demonstrating how she goes about painting there i was...taking a free class with tracy bautista, while indulging in misty's class and many things coincided, WONDERFULLY, much mixed media does!
 i LOVE NO RULES, NO RULERS, NOBODY telling me what i can and cannot do, heh heh
 ...then out comes SOUL PAINTING!!!
AND this one actually has two girls riding a bike, that is drying as i write, that i promise to show some day!
MY fav right now is PHTHALO BLUE (green shade)
when you add white or off white it just enhances it even more!
i wonder what my favorite color will be by the end of my painting day TODAY?

I wish you all a MARVELOUS or even just plain ol' weekend WITH love and maybe a little paint thrown in...(i am remembering some summers when i snuck away from company to paint just a wee bit, and was found out by family members, with smiles on their faces)!


Sunday, February 12, 2012


 our class, OPEN STUDIO is over now with all the instructions and videos up for an entire year. something, i'm sure many of us are going to take advantage of.
 this OPEN STUDIO CLASS has blown me away!! one would not believe the outpouring of information and self that misty mawn has given...INCREDIBLE!!!
 this started out as an abstract and i suppose you might say it still is. it was PURE PLEASURE while being involved with started out with markers, then paint, ink and paper. and then i figured out how i wanted to finish it...(something that can take me months sometimes)
...with horse transfers. after taking these photos i sealed it with dorlands wax :)

it is 11" X 14" unframed, and is going to be popped into my etsy.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

tHAT'S pROGRESS...i gUESS! hmmph...

 a happy funny thing happened to me a couple of months ago.
i walked into our placer arts center, asking for my portfolio, so i could update it and make changes...something i have yet to do, whew!
 the woman in charge flipped through my book and later i painted this at her suggestion for the front cover of the February Arts Perspective Magazine...she said, not to get my hopes up, so many people apply for this and few manage to make it...i said, no matter, whatever is meant to be...
 well, then i got a phone call from the publisher who said i WAS chosen for the front cover in february. WHOO HOO, i was floating around for awhile. and then....
i popped in to the arts building asking when the mag is coming out.
"oh wanda, i am so so sorry. it was all ready to go to press and our funds were cut so drastically this year that we have had to re-vamp our entire system. in fact we are going to have the mag on the internet from now on. your little painting will still be on the front cover, only smaller. it WILL be in color as there are many pieces that will be in black and white". (so very sad for the entire institution, not just for wanda)
so...when they get it together, they are having more than one problem you can guess, i will let you know so that you can look it up, if you care to. boo happens.
and here is a wip, DREADLOCK GIRL...i did it for an excercise in misty's class and someone suggested i take her further...duh, i shall! :)
I have enjoyed the recent e-mails immensely as well!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

LEARNING and then learning more...

 The very beginning...well, now hmm, no this was about midway:
with one small lesson, abstract painting..
 ...then further along, i have decided to leave the painting for a background...
 and i shall be adding other ideas into this background...first is a transfer of horses, i love this look and who knows whats next...i promise to share the finished product, but i have no idea WHEN!
we were told to sketch, sketch and then more, these are simple non-shaded sketches with water added to them, it is definitly helping me see better
this was a 2-color study
and i have wayyy more sketches
...and i had to laugh at myself and you can laugh too...i didn't even know how to draw a BOX, imagine that, so i sent for a little booklet and practiced some :)...then my after school kids, showed me numerous other ways...duh, why didn't i think of that in the first place? makes life interesting!
closing with another beautiful sunset to share with YOU!