Friday, January 28, 2011

Annie--Collage Painting--Sundown

this is my new painting partner...every wednesday...for a few hours before i run off to work...her name is ANNIE! she lives next door...while her mama goes to work in her older children's classrooms, annie and i go to town with our paint!!!

i just finished this for a friend that asked me to make a wine's a miracle i got it done, while trying to work on my lessons...! this can be enlarged twice to really appreciate it and read the words.

Thursday night sundown...couldn't resist to take more photos again...soo beautiful!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Backgrounds, Samplers, WIP, and oops my chair!!

catch those faces on the flowers...kinda looks that way, huh?!
i know emelie will see them :)) !!!

OOPS...i noticed today the back of my chair...
and i say...i don't give a care..
i'm all grown up and get to paint... ANYWHERE!

Sorry i can't tell any secrets, as it's what misty's class is about...all i can say again, is...
i am STRETCHING, LEARNING, LEARNING and having FUN!!! and wanting

P.S. i don't know how to edit out that extra double photo...there's always something, eh?

Friday, January 21, 2011

Thank you Yael, rachel, joanne rose, objekte-aus-ton, buffy diane emelie and jane for your great posts here! xoxo

Moving along in misty's class...working hard as i said, and not visiting everyone right the "life" things going on...i want to remember this on my blog and share as well.

judy wise left a message at the end of her blog lately and i loved it..."Remember as you go about your day that we who create are part of the solution for what ails the planet. We are kind, we share, we encourage and nurture. We are powerful. Pass it on."

we were to sketch one of our body as you can probably tell..i held my hand and arm up in front of my face, with a blouse on and sketched away...a very good learning experience!!
this was a trial of using abosolutely only 3 primary colors. i didn't love the outcome but it was an excellent learning experience...oh, and we could NOT use white...i was almost at a total!
Now this was my very FIRST "still life"

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


i've been working really hard, painting, writing painting writing...lots of writing in stephanie's journaling class and much excavation there.
and in misty's class we are sketching, painting and writing. so, please forgive me for not reading your blogs...i will later for sure...i just want to get and do as much as possible while there is time in my life.
the painting below is one of my favorites that i have kept and am going to frame some day. it too, has a poem on it, fairly similar to this one.
this poem is our latest written prompt from misty..."i am the.." . i just posted on our private fb page, joining others with their special poems. i feel so connected to many of YOU, my blogging friends and am honoring you as well in this poem at the end, "thee" is YOU. XO

i am the:
THREAD that holds family together
i am WOVEN with many colors...
many kinds:
cotton, nylon, mesh, satin and embroidered by the cement in my life

i am the:
knotted, curled, crocheted, and straightened threads that add ccolor to other threads
sometimes wet--sometimes dry
filled with static--smoothed out evenly
straight, crooked, crinkled, flat, bumpy, sparkly and surreal

i am the:
THREADS tied and untied
wound around a finger or a spool,
on the sewing machine or laced between rows.
sometimes, i am sewn into pretty french knots
and sometimes i am found on the floor as a remnant

i wrap myself with me
i have control of where i'll be
but never the same on any given day!
i am the many colored threads of THEE...


Monday, January 10, 2011


i might be gone for a little while...i am taking misty mawn's class, STRETCHING FROM WITHIN and i was lucky and won a journaling class with stephanie lee, so....

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pea Soup and 40 Degrees....

See this ORB...this is about all we've seen of it for days and, it's not the's actually the sun!
This is when the sun tried so hard to come all the way out one never made it...this was a very brief (YAY) moment!!!

this is not an island...this is an idea of how the fog has rolled in of late...we can't even see this beautiful chunk of land today...

He showed Heidi what it was like at the top of the mountain...she liked it!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Out with the OLD / In with the NEW!

She's been hanging on our wall, without this change of hair...she was going to the gallery, but each time i looked at her, there was something that wasn't right...well, i knew it was her hairdo and she was framed and i printed out two little pics of her on paper and painted new "do's" and went for it...and so glad i did! i am ALWAYS amazed at how afraid i am to put the brush to something that was supposedly DONE! learning this lesson again and again...
Richard pulled through with an exquisite frame...
i'm thinkin' about keeping him!annnd...i am going to darken her hair a bit more after seeing this post!
she was given a better head of hair

oldie moldie hairdo

Saturday, January 1, 2011


the day here started with rain...then it ended with rain...but a happier day it was with a new face to start the new can watch as she progressed!
you can enlarge each photo twice