Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Out with the OLD / In with the NEW!

She's been hanging on our wall, without this change of hair...she was going to the gallery, but each time i looked at her, there was something that wasn't right...well, i knew it was her hairdo and she was framed and waiting...so i printed out two little pics of her on paper and painted new "do's" and went for it...and so glad i did! i am ALWAYS amazed at how afraid i am to put the brush to something that was supposedly DONE! learning this lesson again and again...
Richard pulled through with an exquisite frame...
i'm thinkin' about keeping him!annnd...i am going to darken her hair a bit more after seeing this post!
she was given a better head of hair

oldie moldie hairdo


  1. As she's become more older and wiser, she's let her hair grow out--I love it--she told you what to do to make you happy, but I think she was happy the other way too--Okay, she's happy both ways!!

  2. oh wanda, what a great thought that we can always go back in w/fresh eyes & keep creating ourselves...even our very doos! & the script continues on our hearts..
    muuuuch love to you! xox

  3. I understand what you mean about going back and thinking maybe you can't change something, then like magic you can, even if your not really definite about what you want you still can. I honestly loved her hair the other way also, but I do like this also and framed it is really a charm.

    Hope your having a good evening, hope you have tons if ideas, lately my ideas go completely astray and something else emerges.