Thursday, January 5, 2012

FIBER ART!!! with a little painting thrown in...

my entry into CLOTH PAPER SCISSORS postcard had to be at least 50 percent cloth. i loved doing this, i love attempting new excursions. and what better time than the new year!
 the magazine peeps suggested writing them encouraging words on the back of the postcard, not that they need it. i adore this mag!
 i finished a scarf last night after purchasing someone elses, hand spun...getting to my own soon, just need to give them some colors to float in...yummmy!

 i'm not real sure what i am going to turn this into...i have toyed with a pillow top, a funky scarf, or a baby blanket...we'll see if i can stop knitting long enough...i just become obsessed in the winter time to knit up a storm!

...and there are no storms here in northern california yet. not even rain, it's been close to 70 for days and i am NOT COMPLAINING. yes we need snow and rain, but i can't do anything to change that, basking in this spring time weather!

                                                      HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!