Tuesday, November 20, 2012


 17" X 24" Abstract
these are the colors around here lately, i thing i have been influenced!
 here, you can catch glimpses of fabric with beads embroidered, and some written transfers
 then in this close up, there is: a torn painted paper (left over paint has to go on something), a fabric pattern, torn and a cut piece of this stiff  "stuff" that resembles thin burlap :)
 painted fabric and pattern tissue shows up here along with some text transfers...
 i could not resist this fabric flower, it just fit into the groove perfectly to my eyes..you can also spy some more pattern pieces and transfered text...
 painted paper, tissue paper
 and my own favorite quote, i have used again...
"what did you come into this world to do?"
 fabric leaves, painted paper and pattern tissue
 more of the same...only flipped
seeeee what i mean? how could i NOT paint those colors?
i wish all of YOU'S  a wonderful THANKSGIVING!
AND the friends across the world a wonderful rest of the week!