Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's still so HOT here in Northern Cal and these works were found in our local yogurt shop....

an extremely special person, julie bought this, "SECRET KEEPER".

i was so thrilled because she said she absolutely fell in love with her, her words and perfect colors in her home...(ya' just never know, eh?)

THIS/she was one of my absolute favorites, i almost kept her...but today HEATHER purchased her. as i spoke to her over the phone she said she had red hair herself :). i forgot to tell her that red is my favorite color to paint hair. it always seems to pop and go with any colors of the rainbow. heather said she might show where she has her hanging in her home, i sure hope so :)) oh...she was framed with some of the raised flowers right on the frame...

bye bye, "she always brings flowers"

on 1/01/09 i started painting portraits...i had done a lot of mixed media and made and sold art dolls at this time.

this is a plain ol' story of encouragement for anyone and everyone...

people found me, people liked my work, people started showing my work (remember again, i'm just a plain ol' lady with a not so plain passion ;)

then i was contacted by the Art Commission in our regular ol' town of newcastle, and then auburn, calif, the town above our little town.

today a woman, Heather called wanting to buy a painting, and noticed that they were mostly women and girls (that's another whole story from wanda) so i said, i'd work on some men and boys more, i do like them, in fact i love them, so...we'll see what tomorrow brings!

WHEW, CAROLYN, maybe this is TOOO many words....but..............

i just want to encourage everyone, that when you put your mind to things you love,,,,