Sunday, March 3, 2013


 i played with photoshop the other day and changed part of a painted profile to this...i just love this and many things are rolling around in my mind on what to do further. one is: i printed this on some fabric and plan to attack this project when i am able. i also thought it would be fab to paint it again, just like this, or similar :)
 this shows the blue profile at the top, the one i altered. this was a painting that went into a book, with other participants, for misty mawn (made by Galia Helena) as a thank you FOR her wondrous teachings...
 richard found this little teeny nest...he knows how to excite me!
 it had fallen from one of our oak trees and looks to be the size that hummingbirds weave :)
right HERE is where i took a little nap yesterday...that is a flowering plum tree behind our deck, it is magnificent this year, esp. while all around us is sooo green.
i WAS not going to say WHY i've been gone or hardly ever here, let alone visiting my favorite blogs...but i am going to say why in the hope that this will help everyone possible that hears this, and/or to pass it on and prevent it...
i contracted a bad case of SHINGLES a little before Christmas. it was on the right side of my body which included my neck just up to my chin, chest, arm and shoulder, then up into my hair on the right also. i thank GOD, it was not on my face (that one brings on a host of hideous happenings, no exaggeration).
 so i hit the dr's office after gradually finding little red patches popping up. well, i went a round or two of lots of medicines and the hope of not having permanent or semi permanent nerve damage, leaving me with therpetic neuralgia. (not sure of the spelling, but, it's on the internet), well it did. this can go away tomorrow, this can go away a year from now, this can go away 2 years from now or NEVER. it is just the same as having shingles, depending on how your body reacts. pain and itching like you cannot believe. the horrific part of some pain has left my body and i of course, hope the rest will some day. i became allergic to some of the medicine i was taking which has caused a long lasting welty rash on my chest with scars already. it itches and burns just like the shingles rash and i will spare you all, all the rest of how bad this can be.
HONESTLY, this has been an learning experience on pain management and what that can mean when no magic pill relieves one. and i know now that there are so many people on this earth walking around with a smile on their face, even when they don't feel like it. Truly, i have had my share of pain throughout my lifetime, but this, that goes on and on is not a blessed way to walk this earth.
MORE good thoughts. Art does save lives. my artwork and even the thought of it has kept me from going completely mad. and the vaccine for this malady is no garantee that you won't contract it, but it CAN POSSIBLY alleviate the duration and permanent nerve, muscle and skin damage. i had no idea! i still look in the mirror to see if there is a new rash where my skin is burning or itching or causing horrid pain.
NOT ONE OF YOU has to feel sorry for me. there are so many people that suffer far worse than this and as i said, i SO want to help prevent this if it can be done for you or yours.
i shall not mention this on my blog again...that's just not what it's intended for, and besides, i say with a smile on my is where i can FORGET about the dang thing!