Monday, April 20, 2009

Another Fine...

A good friend, mary jo and i went to lunch last tuesday to "high hand nursery". the cafe was closed. we weren't sorry as you can see...we just left there hungry, with many photos!!! Don't know when i can make it back upstairs again, i'm heading down...oooh!

Seriously, i've been down for the count, joining you jennifer white. i wrenched my lower back on friday and just now made it upstairs to my computer. if wishes were lap tops!!!! i'm not asking for sympathy or prayers. i can walk somewhat now, whew. don't know when i'll make it up here again, but it's a good incentive.

Retorts to your wonderful comments, or just regular ones, i loooove em' all.

Miz katie, everywhere i go, all my life, i've been told i look exactly like...a niece, a daughter, an aunt, and since i'm turning 60 soon, i should be hearing, wow, you look just like my old granny or granny's la vie!

anonymous asked did i paste my self on the card or something like that....this is so funny..this was a picture that richard took of me in panama, with white gesso splattered on it.

and the last and weirdest post, i thought about sending a u-tube to you stephanie lee, similar to the one you said i sent. but i know i get so much stuff in my e-mail, didn't want to do that to a friend. and yes i would lovvvvvvvvvve to do something like this, but how could we, without all being together. i have rec'd 2 different ones with people dancing in an airport. they give me chills, i think they are so awesome! i can't write to peeps separately yet...when i get my back, back. smiles, wanda