Monday, April 20, 2009

Another Fine...

A good friend, mary jo and i went to lunch last tuesday to "high hand nursery". the cafe was closed. we weren't sorry as you can see...we just left there hungry, with many photos!!! Don't know when i can make it back upstairs again, i'm heading down...oooh!

Seriously, i've been down for the count, joining you jennifer white. i wrenched my lower back on friday and just now made it upstairs to my computer. if wishes were lap tops!!!! i'm not asking for sympathy or prayers. i can walk somewhat now, whew. don't know when i'll make it up here again, but it's a good incentive.

Retorts to your wonderful comments, or just regular ones, i loooove em' all.

Miz katie, everywhere i go, all my life, i've been told i look exactly like...a niece, a daughter, an aunt, and since i'm turning 60 soon, i should be hearing, wow, you look just like my old granny or granny's la vie!

anonymous asked did i paste my self on the card or something like that....this is so funny..this was a picture that richard took of me in panama, with white gesso splattered on it.

and the last and weirdest post, i thought about sending a u-tube to you stephanie lee, similar to the one you said i sent. but i know i get so much stuff in my e-mail, didn't want to do that to a friend. and yes i would lovvvvvvvvvve to do something like this, but how could we, without all being together. i have rec'd 2 different ones with people dancing in an airport. they give me chills, i think they are so awesome! i can't write to peeps separately yet...when i get my back, back. smiles, wanda


  1. you've got to be kidding me? 60?! girl, i want whatever you've been eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner. daaaamn!

  2. Hi Wanda,
    So glad to see your comment! yes, I did sketch the lady - she's a run-way model dah-ling! lol. I love the pic of you!


  3. If only you lived next door....we could commiserate together! Hoping you're feeling much better by the time you read this... until your next post, much rest...many anti-inflamatories ;-) and sending positive energy and wellness your way.