Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Three Faces of Eve

Wellllll......this is her 3rd face, about the 5th mouth...annnd...i am not excited about her....but, i thought i should show how some things just don't turn out to meet your expectations, and that one might struggle away to try and make it better, but only better, not best...and that's OKAY, lesson learned more than once and will again, soooo glean what one can and get MOVIN' on, eh?
on another humorous note...her first face looked like a vampire, her second looked like an old shriveled up, prunish type lady that i would never like to meet and now....

annnnd...especially for you, miss carolyn...she has a fabric collar and the strip on the side is dyed paper towel with another strip of fabric over that...look familiar? look closer...annnd i keep thinking of rae every time i want to change her lips...'cause it's an expression rae has often...like she has a secret...where are you rae rae, are you coming in october with lea? xoxoxox