Friday, September 16, 2011

Healing and Moving on...

Buffy, Diane, Jane, Rachel, Theresa and Yael...thank you for your love and prayers and hugs to every bloomin' one of you. when i saw your comments and faces, i smiled, giggled and trembled with tears...good tears. you all have helped me be more at peace. i love each of you dearly...oh, theresa, you wondered where i went, heh heh, not far, just low :). XOXO

here is a sunrise, at mom and dad's before mom passed away. mom ALWAYS became EXCITED over sunrises and sunsets...

this is mama, under my sister candy's hands, while she lay dying...i never thought this would be this hard, but she left a legacy of 8 loving siblings, and flew to heaven on 9/11/11. taking photos of this you say...i know, it seemed weird at first, but then it seemed nothing but right. my dad even asked me to run in his room and take a pic of my sister carolyn who had fallen asleep next to moms more words...

how could you not love this attire?

this is dad, he did a lot of gazing out the window, while mom lay dying in the next room.

he sang to her, prayed over her, gave her kisses and permission to go. he took such good care of her till the bitter end, like a loving angel. he says he's a survivor now, but only half a man. the father of 8 children, he is so special to us.
Mom died on 9/11/11

There will be a celebration of life on 9/30/11
i can garantee mom will be present, her 8 children and family were her