Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pulling more Prints! See Michelle"s blog address on previous post...

today, i also printed some script on the flowers from yesterday...they
turned out so pretty.
this has been a blast, michelle...again i thank you for the jumpstart, the possibilities are just endless!!
it's not over yet for me, i'll say!!!
and jane, i know you are going to do some GORGEOUS colors and "pieces"!
got the brayer out and continued from yesterday...the colors used here were, titan buff and pyrrole fun!

i used cobalt teal and van dyke brown, and then some white gesso on some of them

the colors i used here are: cobalt teal, van dyke brown and light portrait pink

emelie...funny that you should mention, printing out the prints...

changing their colors...HERE THEY ARE!

and then i did make a collage out of them, after i cut all of them out...

i'll put up pics soon on that part!!! i just love how great minds think alike...xo