Monday, January 24, 2011

Backgrounds, Samplers, WIP, and oops my chair!!

catch those faces on the flowers...kinda looks that way, huh?!
i know emelie will see them :)) !!!

OOPS...i noticed today the back of my chair...
and i say...i don't give a care..
i'm all grown up and get to paint... ANYWHERE!

Sorry i can't tell any secrets, as it's what misty's class is about...all i can say again, is...
i am STRETCHING, LEARNING, LEARNING and having FUN!!! and wanting

P.S. i don't know how to edit out that extra double photo...there's always something, eh?


  1. i sure see faces on flowers!!
    love them! it looks like you
    are having so much fun &
    flying fancy freeee! xox

  2. Wonderful flower/faces and such a yummy color! I am glad you're stretching and learning and having FUN in Misty's class! Can't wait to see more.

  3. Well, I just had to come over and see what Wanda is up to now, and you know what? she didn't disappoint!! :) :) :)

  4. Just wonderful textured pieces that still can have other things, itis like a gift to have them, and give gift that you know you did them. Yes I see the faces,like a little person eating a banana. I also see the face in your hand in the previous post, i see and eye and a long nose and then I imagine the rest.

    It is a wonder the beautiful things one can make, color, simple, complicated, and a sort of meshing of all these things, even if I mesh them wrong sometimes it can still look good.

    Keep having a wonderful creative time, it is great fun to ocme and visit and see the fun.

  5. I'm loving the textures in those backgrounds,also love the colors. I'm having fun in mistys class to. I can feel the stretching!

  6. Fabulous!! And, I can see the faces, too!! I see faces you do that, too?

  7. Terrific backgrounds!! Can't wait to see what you do with them.