Sunday, October 25, 2009

Michele Wards/the dark side

just before i went down with the flu, i started this little painting and thought how fun it was to play in black, something i rarely attempt. i loved it and thought, i know i'll do more. thanks, michele.
after painting on black acrylic i sprayed it down with water...ergo...when you look up close the texture in the paper showed up real nicely...gave her a blouse and poofy shoulders, spray paint w/ stencils and paper at the top. she's kinda special with the right colors for the season!


  1. Very ghostly! Love all the textures on the black! Love how you added the fabric. Very cool Wanda, thanks for sharing with the team!

  2. Oh yes, the fabric is totally cool and dimensional!
    I love her expression!

  3. Oh my, she has shoulders to die for! Lovely.

  4. Wanda, that is awesome!!! I love the black and white of this painting...and it is gorgeous. I am so awed and jealous of people who can actually draw in their paintings. Thanks for visiting my blog, too!

  5. What a great painting, Wanda! I love her applique too...and I hope by now you are felling much better!

  6. I wish I had a shirt like that!!! I love that you painted in black and white, and still got so much depth!