Saturday, November 10, 2012

Friends and Whimsy

 a friend and fellow artist gave me a cupboard door last month :0
he found out how much i ADORE painting on them, especially WHIMSICAL paintings!
Measures 1 1/4 ft. X 2 1/2 ft. 
 i thought much about he and his girlfriend kate (a long time friend) and how they were getting married some day...
kate is wearing a bit of chiffon on her neckline...i couldn't resist!
 and you can just about see right into Kermit's heart right here...he has a LARGE one in real life ;)
an...d i delightfully used the side of the cupboard that had 2 large holes already drilled, making fun little markings all around both!
a GRAND day and HONOR to all our veterans, this MONDAY, including my own husband of whom i am glad was able to come back to us after SERVING in Viet Nam, a changed man, a changed AMERICA.


  1. beautiful! i DO love those textures and colors!

  2. i'm in love w/this!!!!!!!!
    adoring youuuuu.

  3. this just looks like sooooo much fun!

  4. I would love to paint on a cabinet. Glad your husband returned safely all those years ago. Tell him thank you.

  5. I love these colors! I also like the whimsical mood of your work! I am taking inspiration, young lady! So it's all your fault.

    If you forget, I'll remind you.

  6. Wanda, this is FANTASTIC!! I love the colors, the whimsy, the 'Wanda-ness' of it. And please tell your hubby 'Thank you' for his service.

  7. Love that fanciful creation with such wonderful textures and rich colors.
    Hugs Anja

  8. This is the sweetest couple ever painted on a door!
    I have many doors in my house - can you come? :-)