Friday, April 23, 2010

Sweet sweet springtime!

I've noticed others mentioning how hard it is to keep up one's blog during this springtime season...and i must sun REALLY did come out today and here are a few spring time delights for all of us.
happy spring to all!!!
we know there is a nest in this house, but the blue birds
and the swallows are still fighting over it!
i think the swallows may win, as one little lady stayed inside all day one day while the rain never let up!
good drive by shooting on the california roadside such showoff's those tom's

yummy...look at all this long fresh grass!!!


  1. love the last pic! Adorable!Have a great weekend.

  2. Beutiful, and I have to plant the poppies of that nature and hope that some may show again the next year from seed. Don't the nod in a pretty way. It would be fun to draw them and paint a face in the middle, poppy girls nodding at one another.
    the leaves have grown a lot since you last post of landscape,
    beautiful green and nedw borns, along with those proud turkeys, we have them also.

    We have rain and it is a gift as we hardly get rain like we use to, we use to have rain and rain in April and not it is a treat.

  3. Love all the pictures! Thank you for showing us your Spring!